Frequently asked questions by lenders joining this directory.

What is the website

Great question with a simple answer.  It is a free directory of mortgage lenders in Clark County, WA.  Free for lenders to be listed and free to anyone that lands on our website.

Is there a cost to be in the directory?

No, there is no cost for any mortgage lender that services the Clark County market to be in this directory.  It is a free service to the mortgage lenders as well as those that use the directory.  No cost, zero, zip, nada.

How do I participate in the directory?

There is a “add listing” tab st the top of each page.  Click on that and register to be listed.  If you have any issues loading your profile image or anything else, click on the contact us tab.  Our goal is that your listing looks perfect.

Does my company register or do I?

In the future we may do something to involve the brokerage as a whole but for now this directory is for individual mortgage lenders.

One I have added my profile, how often can I change it?

Once you are entered into the directory and approved, you can make changes as often as you wish.  We actually believe that fresh content will make this a far better tool for you to attract new clients.  Updating your images and content as the season change as well ad adding events to your profile will only make you stand out more.

Where do the review on my profile page come from?

Your reviews come from past clients and industry associates.  We encourage you to have your clients tell other prospective clients about your services

Can in import my profile via Facebook and Yelp?

Yes you can.  It will pull the bulk of your information from either one of these platforms but you will need to log back in and adjust some of the content.  Most prefer to add it from scratch so that they can manage how it looks.

How many categories can I register under?

As you can see, we have 10 different categories.  The goal is that each lender chooses the clients that best fit their skill set.  So with that in mind, we are limiting each lender to 3 categories for now

Can I have a video on my profile page?

Yes, and please do.  Video introductions are proven to be much better than a standard photo and bio.   Your potential client wants to get to know your so DO A VIDEO!

Ho many images can I have on my profile?

It looks like we are going to limit it to 5 for now.  No reason, just an easy number

Can I add a few of my preferred Realtor partners to my profile?

That is a GREAT question.  The short term answer is not yet, but the goal of the directory is to have each lender post links to their Realtor partners.  We will have that feature later in the year

Are you sure that there is no cost to me or my company?

This again?  Too good to be true?  Free is the answer.  Build a great profile, point buyers to it and generate a ton of new clients.  It is that simple