What is the plan?

When we set out to build this directory the question that got asked every day is “why are you doing this?”  It is free to every lender that services the Clark County market so why invest all the time and energy?  Good news is that the financial investment is pretty manageable.  To be candid, I got the same question from my wife, but that is for another time :).

I was at a seminar earlier this year and had my laptop open and the gentleman (his name was Bob) next to me saw the front page of the website and nudged me to ask what the heck it was all about.  It turns out that he was a mortgage lender and was floored that such a tool was going to be available the the home buyers in Clark County.  Before you ask, yes Bob will be in the directory soon.

Secondly, Zillow is a cash machine that charges every Realtor and lender a ridiculous amount of money allow us to buy information about OUR clients back from them.  That is also a discussion for another time but for now, just know that Zillow is bad.  Yep, Zillow is bad.  Stay tuned on this one.

Now, the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  Why put all of this energy into a website that is FREE for every lender to be listed in and FREE for every user to use.  The answer is simple and twofold.  The first part is that I enjoy the creative experience of making something like this website.  The second part is that I am a Realtor and you may one day need a Realtor.

Fair, right?

Have a great day guys